What our candidates and clients have said...

Candidate Testimonials

“Pat is an exceptional Executive Recruiter who was able to secure a Cleared position with a government contractor paying much more than the going rate. I was extremely impressed with his ability to keep me constantly in the loop with what was happening during the contract award process as well continuously touching base with me to see what my thought process was during the entire process. It was clear that I was more than a number to him, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. A true professional in every sense of the word.”
– IT Professional (Cleveland, OH)

“My experience working with Blake was nothing short of phenomenal! He is by far one of the most thorough recruiters that I have worked with in my professional experience.  He made sure that I was well versed prior to all three of my phased interviews, and called me the day prior to do practice interviews.  He sent over all the appropriate documentation that I needed to make an informed decision about taking the position, as well as provided me with interview prep, negotiating and resignation documents.  Because of Blake, I will be starting a new chapter of my career with a great company! Thanks, Blake!”
– Software Account Executive (Atlanta, Georgia)

“I cannot thank Pat enough for helping me to land my current position. Pat was very up front from the beginning about the interview process and the client’s expectations. He was professional in every way keeping me up to speed even when there was nothing to report. I highly recommend Pat to anyone who is looking for a recruiter that won’t beat around the bush with empty promises.”
– Mechanical Engineer (NE Indiana)

“Blake’s attention to detail and follow up is what impressed me. He presented an opportunity that was a great fit and has turned out to be a great career move.”
– VP of Finance (Columbus, OH)

Client Testimonials

“Pat is the only recruiter we consistently call for our job openings. He has successfully filled several difficult positions within our company in the past year. When he sends a candidate our way, the candidate has instant credibility.”
– HR Manager (NE Indiana)

“Blake is one of the best recruiters I’ve worked with. His attention to detail, follow up and professionalism set him apart from other recruiters I’ve worked with. I would highly recommend giving Blake an opportunity with your organization. You will not be disappointed!”
– CEO (Indianapolis, IN)

“The most impressive thing about Pat is that he has helped us promote a positive image of our company. We know he is promoting our company to the community. We trust that our company and the people we hire from Pat are going to help us forge into the future. He has helped build our engineering department.”
– VP of Engineering (NE Indiana)

“Blake has been a true professional throughout this process.  I have been through these searches on both sides of the fence numerous times and his expertise and level of professionalism was outstanding.”
– Plant Manager (Florence, KY)